What texts must be on the website of the online store


online-store,In this article you will find a list of texts that must be on the website of the online store so that it can function correctly. You can write these texts yourself or order them from specialists.

It is important to understand that this is not about descriptions of categories, products or texts in a blog, which are designed to increase sales, but about technical texts that help a potential customer understand what you are selling, how you can make a purchase and receive a product.

General principles

The main task of the technical texts on the website of the online store is to give a clear and clear understanding to the customer how your online store works, how it delivers the goods, what guarantees it gives and what products and within what time you can return. Therefore, the most important principle is to write everything clearly and clearly without two-digit formulations, water and understatement.

You can take as a basis the texts of other online stores or search for templates on the Internet, but it is still better to work seriously on them so that everything fits the realities of your business. Also remember that blind copying of texts will complicate the task of search promotion of your online store, as for good promotion texts should be as unique as possible.

Adhere to simple rules for formatting text – break it into subtitles, use numbered and marking lists to make the text easy to read. No one will read the veil of text without paragraphs and subtitles.

Text on homepage

On the main page of the online store you can place a small text in which you can briefly tell about the advantages of the online store, the general principles of operation. This text should not be too long.

Often, search engine promotion experts sate the text on the main page with keywords to improve search engine website promotion, but you shouldn’t do it yourself. The keywords themselves will not give the effect you need, but rather just make the text less readable and understandable.

About company

Sometimes this text is called “About the store”, but the essence remains the same. On this page, you must specify the specialization of your online store, the benefits, mention the presence of points of issue orders or stores.

It is important that after reading the client with the text he left a good impression.

Remember that not only your customers, but partners and suppliers can read this text. Think of something useful you can tell your target audience.

On the page about us you can post:

  • Online Store Specialization Information
  • Information about the benefits (available in the form of infographics with numbers)
  • Terms of cooperation
  • Wholesale Purchasing Terms
  • Address of the director or owner
  • Customer reviews
  • Store Video
  • Feedback form
  • Links to social networks
  • Links to other useful materials
  • Logos of partners, suppliers, customers
  • Photos of team members with name and position

You can combine any blocks with information depending on what exactly you want to tell the page visitor, as well as what information you have available.

Terms of payment and delivery

It is very important that customers understand exactly how the online store works, with what tools you can pay for the product and how to get it.

In terms of payment, you must specify the tools with which you can make a payment, for example:

  • Cash
  • Cashless payments
  • C.O.D
  • Card payment
  • Other payment methods

You must also specify the fee, if any, when paying with some tools. For example, some payment systems may charge additional fees when paying by card.

In terms of delivery you must specify:

  • Delivery geography (countries, regions, cities)
  • Shipping cost (depending on region or order weight)
  • Minimum order amount for free shipping
  • Courier services by which you deliver orders
  • Addresses of pickup points
  • Weight limits for certain delivery services (if any)
  • Delivery times for certain services and regions

It is also worth specifying the principles of interaction between the delivery and payment services, for example, when delivering by courier, you can only pay by card and cash, but you cannot make cash on delivery.

Return Policy

The text of this page is important to coordinate with the laws of the country in which your online store operates. You can specify the articles of the law on which you rely, so that the visitor understands exactly which products you can take back and which not and why. What is the condition of the product to be accepted back

Also it is necessary to follow the changes in the legislation in order to make changes to the text of this page in time.

For a more accurate understanding of how to correctly compose the text of this page, contact a law firm .

Offer or public contract

In essence, this is a page with legally defined rules, according to which your online store operates, on what conditions it sells the goods and governs the relationship between your business and the buyer as a whole.

Remember that without this page, some online payment systems will refuse to use their payment system on your online store website.

For a more accurate understanding of how to correctly compose the text of this page, contact a law firm.


Everything is simple, specify all the ways to contact you (but without fanaticism) and addresses that the client has a reason to visit. For example, addresses of shops or points of issue orders.

On the contact page, specify the following information:

  • Phones (you can specify a separate phone support, accounting, etc.)
  • Schedule
  • Addresses of shops
  • Photos of shop windows
  • Photos of customer service managers
  • Addresses of points of issue of orders
  • Email Addresses
  • Maps
  • Feedback form

No need to specify everything, just think that this will be useful for your customers, partners, suppliers.

Pages to help make the right choice

If you sell a product that is not easy to choose correctly, you should take care of it in advance. For example, it is necessary to place dimensional grids for various brands on the website of an online clothing store, and a specification of goods on a website of a complex technique.

It is necessary to find out what questions customers ask before buying a product and try to answer them. If there are many such questions and they are not very complicated you should create a page with frequently asked questions – FAQ.


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